Publishers. Your editorial content drives hotel bookings.
We can prove it, and you can earn revenue.

Curacity is the first and largest data analytics and measurement company that measures when content leads to downstream transactions, and compensates publications each time their content inspires a direct hotel booking.

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Publishers know their content fuels inspiration, and results with transactions. Our data products, ORA and AIM, measure consumer engagement in a new way. Publishers can measure and monetize each time a piece of their editorial and Instagram content leads to a real-world hotel booking for up to twelve months following that content engagement. And, publishers receive a commission each time they inspire a hotel booking.

Three articles drove $250,000 in revenue to three five-star hotels

We help Publishers grow their business.

Curacity offers first of its kind analytics around the full financial impact that your editorial influence has on a hotel brand, as measured by direct hotel bookings.

ORA: Instagram

Omni-channel Revenue Attribution for Instagram

AIM leverages unsold room inventory and influencers to drive downstream hotel bookings. No more guessing: finally, turn Instagram into an investable channel with visible ROI for up to six months.

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ORA: Publishers

Omni-channel Revenue Attribution for Publishers

is the only platform that measures and monetizes the influence of content on direct bookings across earned media channels, while helping content producers unlock compensation that is in line with financial influence.

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