Meet your new customer acquisition channel.

Our proprietary technology leverages across editorial/ earned media to drive incremental revenue to your hotel.

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We’ve built the world’s first—and largest—data bridge to measure how top-of-funnel points of inspiration drive direct hotel bookings. Our data analytics products measure the way earned media from digital publishers and Instagram influencers drive your bottom line.

ORA: Instagram

Omni-channel Revenue Attribution for Instagram

Great hotels operate at an average occupancy of 80%. ORA for Instagram leverages unsold hotel inventory and measures the impact of influencer content on downstream hotel bookings.

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Curacity uses predictive analytics to vet Influencers specifically for your hotel property.

Step 1

Source and Vet

Curacity matches Influencers to hotels based on their audience's ability to generate downstream revenue.

Step 2

Stays are executed

Influencers are invited to stay at a hotel in exchange for content, all digitally handled in an easy-to-use CRM.

Step 3

Promotion and Optimization

Influencers create and post content, which Curacity promotes on Instagram (under the influencer's handle) to reach the right people at the right time.

Step 4

Data Drives Revenue

Hotel data is gathered, enhanced, and married with engagement data to measure downstream bookings inspired by the influencer's content.

All of which happens within an easy to use CRM.

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ORA: Publishers

Omni-channel Revenue Attribution for Publishers

The Curacity publisher network comprises the world’s best travel and lifestyle publications. ORA for Publishers utilizes proprietary analytics tools to measure downstream hotel bookings converted from editorial publisher content.

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We amplify and measure editorial content to prove how it drives direct, hotel bookings.

Step 1

Qualified Introductions

Your hotel’s story is presented to our network of travel and lifestyle publishing partners.

Step 2

Creation + Amplification

Exclusive content is created by the world's most trusted digital partners on your hotel. Each publisher individually distributes their articles to their email subscribers, creating a network that reaches over 25 million people!

Step 3

Drive Direct Bookings

Our technology analyzes hotel booking data using proprietary, double-blind matching algorithms. This analysis determines which articles influenced and drove downstream revenue, allowing hotels to gain invaluable insights, and of course, new customers!

All of which happens in a turnkey solution.

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