Hotels. We transform the point of inspiration into your most important revenue strategy.

Scaling and measuring the point of influence in the customer decision-making cycle to drive direct bookings.

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We are your new favorite customer acquisition channel. Harnessing content creators and their audiences to drive direct bookings and revenue.

Our industry-leading data analytics tools enable hotels to apply bottom-of-funnel ROI analytics to top-of-funnel marketing tactics. Finally, use content to drive purchase decisions. More, and better direct bookings.

Our Products

Easy to integrate, turnkey data solutions that reinvent the way content can be leveraged.

ORA: Instagram

Omni-channel Revenue Attribution for Instagram

Hotels operate at an average occupancy of 80%. AIM leverages that unsold inventory and influencers with real influence to drive downstream hotel bookings. No more guessing: finally, turn Instagram into an investable channel with visible ROI for up to six months.

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ORA: Publishers

Omni-channel Revenue Attribution for Publishers

We work with the world’s best travel and lifestyle publications. ORA is the first and only platform to measure and monetize the influence of content to drive direct bookings, while providing transparent ROI.

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Data and Privacy are Paramount.

We’ve built state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure we handle your information with the highest level of security.

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